Educational Events

  CPE Event: VAT awareness briefing (23-Aug-17)
» 629.1 KiB - 42 hits - September 6, 2017
In collaboration with PwC, Riyadh Chapter of IMA conducted a CPE event on VAT awareness briefing to provide an update to businessmen, professionals and students in Riyadh. The presentation was delivered by PwC.

  Jump start your career - Information on CMA/IMA (12-Apr-17)
» 1.9 MiB - 171 hits - April 12, 2017
Presentation by Abdulrahman Al Bahes, President of IMA's Riyadh Chapter, delivered on 12-Apr-17 to students interested in careers in management accounting and finance describing CMA certification and insights. Topics covered are intro of IMA and CMA, benefits, demand in industry, reward to top-scorers and more. Special thanks to Al-Yamamah University for administrative and logistic support.

  CPE Event: Effective Business Communication (2-Apr-17)
» 608.1 KiB - 236 hits - April 7, 2017
Presentation by Nuaman Al Lahabi of SABIC delivered on 2nd April 2017 at Prince Sultan University in Riyadh.

  CPE Event: Financial Strategy in Periods of Change (7-Nov-16)
» 890.7 KiB - 643 hits - November 15, 2016
Presentation by Gavin Aspen of PwC Academy delivered on 7th November 2016 at Prince Sultan University in Riyadh.

  CPE Event: Strategic Finance (26-Jan-16)
» 5.2 MiB - 653 hits - February 6, 2016
A presentation by Jeffrey Thomson, President & CEO of IMA (USA), on "Strategic Finance" during an educational event in Al-Faisal University Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

  CPE Event: IFRS Transition in KSA
» 1.2 MiB - 887 hits - December 29, 2015
IMA Riyadh Chapter hosted an event covering subject of "SOCPA to IFRS convergence" in Saudi Arabia. Presentation sheds some light on transition, key difference and impact on entities of IFRS.

Chapter Policies

  Terms of use and privacy policy
» 172.1 KiB - 448 hits - January 17, 2016
This document governs terms of use of our content and privacy. It may be subject to periodic revisions without any notice.

  IMA RIyadh Chapter Bylaws
» 1.3 MiB - 855 hits - December 30, 2015
IMA RIyadh Chapter Bylaws


  Preparing for CMA (a guide to becoming certified)
» 2.8 MiB - 736 hits - April 22, 2016
The presentation discusses why one should be a certified professional, what is CMA program and how to prepare for CMA exams in most efficient and effective way.